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2013 Research shows how e-learning can contribute to workforce development. Webpage opens in the same window.
Six pilots selected to implement industry e-validation of assessment exemplars. Webpage opens in the same window.
Seven Industry Sector selected to implement e-learning for workforce development for specialist occupations. Webpage opens in the same window.
Five projects selected to enhance understanding of workforce planning and development and support businesses
Report on roles of RTOs in e-learning partnerships. Webpage opens in the same window.
Practical Guide to E-learning. Webpage opens in the same window.
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About industry system change

Industry System Change is one of the National VET E-learning Strategy’s business activities to support workforce development in industry through innovative training solutions. The objective is to support the adoption of e-learning in industry by sponsoring the development of industry-wide e-learning plans and programs, including those which have a regional focus.

The focus of Industry System Change on e-learning is to support the training needed for employment, that is, strategic training for skills and workforce development. This is real industry system change using e-learning, not e-learning for one-off training.

2012/13 financial year supports

  > Industry e-validation of assessment pilots

  > Industry sectors

  > Skills for workforce planning and development

2011/12 financial year supported:

  > Peak Industry Bodies Programs

  > Regional Businesses Programs

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Commissioned Research in 2012-13

E-learning's contribution to workforce development

The 2013 research report on E-learning's contribution to workforce development examines the evolving of e-learning to workforce development and productivity...read more

Independent review of e-validation

An independent review of the six industry e-validation of assessment exemplars was undertaken by Victoria University in partnership with Bateman & Giles Pty Ltd in 2013...read more


Workforce development service

The online workforce development service hosted the following webinars:

  > Let’s Talk Learning (May-June 2012)

  > Online Industry Forum (7 June 2012)